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September 09, 2006


Tia Maria

Sorry to hear that Kobe and Alessi are allergy prone as well. But hopefully you have caught things early and maybe they will grow out of some things. At least Paola won't feel she's the only one with allergies (and who has to be called by her middle name)! Good luck with Kobe at the Dr., I hope they find a way to help him breathe when he sleeps too...poor baby was waking up all night when I was there I think b/c he couldn't breathe. Love to all!


Wow, I am amazed and impressed by everything you've had to learn about this subject to protect your kids! Who says mothering isn't a full-time job?

Caelyn's best friend at school is severely allergic to peanuts, et al., so she has to sit at the "peanut table" during lunch. Caelyn gets to sit with her once in a while, when she hasn't packed a PB&J.

You're a great mom, Alex.

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